Hudson Mohawke Speaks On His New Album

NME: Any idea when your next album, the follow-up to Butter, will be released?
HudMo: It’s going to be this year, definitely. I’ve been working on it for a while and taking my time with it. Every month or two I’ll go back and do another couple weeks work on it. A lot of it’s been me saying “Yeah, I’m definitely using that” and then I scrap it a month later because I don’t like it.
NME: Is it going to be a follow-on in sound from Butter, or are you experimenting with different things?
HudMo: A little. Butter was a collage of different stuff I’d done over the few years before that. This one is a bit more consolidated as a project. I want it to be like an album album, you know?
NME: Still sample-based?
HudMo: Yes, but there are also live instruments. Strings, horns, trumpets…I wanted to make it more musical in general and less computer focused. I want to step out of the electronic bedroom producer role and move into a musician producer role.

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