Double CD: Eglo Records Vol.1

Eglo Records will celebrate four years of excellent music with a forthcoming double CD compilation featuring key artists Floating Points, Funkineven, Fatima and more.

Chronologically highlighting key releases by Floating Points, Fatima, Funkineven, Shuanise, Mizz Beats, Arp 101, Gifted & Blessed and more, the CD runs from our first 7 inch release in 2009 to the Shadows EP in 2011. Featuring a 20 page booklet and gold print gate-fold design by Kay Shin, the album chronicles the birth of the label through the photos’ of Vent Fury and a foreword by label boss Alexander Nut
The unique and soul filled aesthetic of Eglo encompasses the diasporic sounds of House, Hip Hop, 2Step, RnB, Broken Beat, Boogie, Acid, Techno and beyond. Based in London but taking on a global view, the label’s core is made up from a circle of nomadic artists.
Displaying our colourful past whilst simultaneously launching into new territories, this release is set to be followed by fresh projects including recent signings Dirg Gerner and Strange U, the infamous Floating Points and the first lady of Eglo Records, Fatima. The latter of whom has been locked away adding finishing touches to her debut album. More info on the labels history can be found inside the CD’s booklet.
To celebrate our 4th year and the release of this CD, Eglo Records will be holding a special birthday event in early June (details TBA) followed later in the year by Eglo stages at both Outlook and Dimensions festival.

 Eglo Records will release V/A – Eglo Records Vol. 1 on 2xCD on April 29.

1. Floating Points – Radiality
2. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
3. Funkineven feat. Fatima – Kleer
4. Shuanise – Catch
5. Fatima – Soul Glo
6. Funkineven – She’s Acid
7. Floating Points – Shark Chase
8. Arp.101 – Dead Leaf
9. Funkineven – Heart Pound
10. Arp.101 – Flush
11. Mizz Beats – Sanctuary

1. Fatima feat. Floating Points – Innervisions
2. Floating Points – Sais(Dub)
3. Floating Points – Marylin
4. Funkineven – Roland’s Jam
5. Floating Points – Danger
6. Arp.101 – U
7. Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest
8. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue
9. Fatima – Visit You
10. Floating Points Ensemble – Wires
11. Shuanise – Mercy
12. GB Presents The Abstract Eye – Reflexes

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